A story about my grandmother’s grandfather and
  -  Petter Andersson and his wife
Maja-Lisa Larsdotter.
(Maja Lisa, Lars' Daughter)

In the home of my childhood there was a little chest with the letters M L L D
(means Maja Lisa Lars Dotter, I later understood)
and the date 1806. There
also was a little poem (in Swedish) on the chest lid:

Tag detta av en trogen hand
till ett äkta kärleksband.

In English approximately:

”Take this from a faithful hand
as a tie of
true love”

Petter Andersson and Maja-Lisa Larsdotter was married 1808 and before their
marriage Petter 1806 gave the chest to Maja-Lisa as a gift. A gift a fiancé in
days use to give to his fiancée as a token of that she was his betrothed.


Before I started my genealogy I didn’t know something about Petter and Maja-Lisa.

It was
with satisfaction I found out the connection with them and the chest. My
eldest brother Lars is today the owner of the chest.

Petter Andersson was born in Torsbotorp, Korsberga parish 1773. As married he
and Maja Lisa at first lived in Lämmagården, Fröjered parish and later in the crofter's holding Hulan, Fröjered. Petter Andersson passed away 1830.

Maja-Lisa Larsdotter was born in Skalleberg, Södra Fågelås parish 1783. After Petter Andersson died she 1831 married  Lars Sundberg, Hulegården, Orrleka
village, Fröjered. Lars Sundberg died 1850. As being a widow for a second time Maja-Lisa moved to her son Johannes Pettersson, who at that time lived in
a hut - Sandbacken - on Orrleka village's common land, Fröjered parish.

Maja-Lisa Larsdotter passed away in her son's home 1864.