About tailor Carl Westman from Skövde, Sweden (1879 - 1946)  

The story in Swedish

During our trip to USA 1998 we met my cousin Violet and cousin Ruth's daughter
Marlene in Florida. We even met my cousin Paul's three sons with families in Illinois
and Wisconsin.

Here is a short story about my uncle Carl Westman and some of his descendants.


Carl and Alma Westman

Carl Westman
was born 1879 on block 43
in Skövde, Sweden. After he had served
his apprenticeship with master tailor Hage
in Skövde he moved to Kristinehamn and
worked there some years as a tailor.
He was 1900 married to Alma Lindström
She was born 1879 in Värsås, Sweden.

Carl Westman and his family left Sweden for
Chicago, USA, 1904.

In the family were born eight children.
Three of them were born in Sweden, five
in USA. The youngest
one was named Paul.

Alma Lindström-Westman passed away
in Chicago 1931 and Carl Westman at his
daughter Ruth's home in Dayton, Ohio 1946.
They are both buired on Montrose Cemetary
in Chicago.


Paul and Marie Westman

Paul, a son of Carl Westman, was born
1919 in Chicago. In 1942 he was married
to Marie Voelker, born 1923 in Chicago.

After the
World War II they built a house
and lived in Wauconda, Illinois.
Paul passed  away in Wauconda 1973 and
his wife,
Marie, in 1979.


The sons of Paul Westman
were all born in Wauconda, Illinois.

To the left:
John, born 1957, lives i Wauconda.

In the middle:
Bill, born 1947, lives in Chicago.

To the right:
Richard, born 1949, used to live in Brookfield,
Lives from 2009 in Santa Rosa, California
Publication of the photo is allowed by "the Westman brothers".

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