My Grandfather (mom's father)
Johan Theodor Lindqvist,

Johan Theodor Lindqvist was born in 
   Undenäs 1855.
   Died in Dälderna, Skövde 1934.

Johan Theodor Lindqvist started as a  farm-hand from 1873 in Fimmersta, Sweden but later
he stayed in Germany 1876-1881. When back in Sweden he was a gardener in Skövde
1881-1883, in Ek, Ullervad 1883-1886 and in Mölltorp, Säter 1886-1902. From 1902
he had a garden of his own in Dälderna, Skövde. As far as to the beginning of the thirties he sold his vegetables on market-days on "Hertig-Johans torg" in Skövde.